Skin out the animal by cutting as shown on the diagram to the right. Remove as much fat and flesh as possible. If you are going to bring the animal within a day, the head can be left unskinned, and we will skin and flesh it out here. After the hide is removed, apply large quantities of salt, especially in the claws and around the head. Keep cool if possible until ready to be SHIPPED.


Plug nostrils, ears, eyes, mouth and bullet holes with cotton or dry cloth. Avoid crushing of the wings or tail feathers, and either freeze entire bird until ready to bring in for mounting, or bring it in right away, and we will freeze it here.


Be sure not to cut the throat of the animal as this may show when mounted. Cut up the back of the neck on antlered game and make a "V" to each of the horns and continue to skin out from there. For full shoulder mount, cut behind front legs as shown at left. Be sure to leave enough hide.


Please be sure that when shipping fish in for mounting that the belly is not cut. If a cut has to be made, make it along the side of the fish, as this will not show when mounted. Always ship fish frozen or packed in dry ice to assure that your trophy does not spoil. We prefer to receive fish unskinned, but if you are in a remote area where freezing facilities are not available, you can skin the fish as follows:
1. Lay the fish out on a piece of paper and take the measurement around the neck, girth, tail and total length.
2. Cut the fish on the side only, and proceed to remove the skin from the fish.
3. After the fish is skinned, rub salt into all the parts of the fish.
4. Roll up the skin in paper, and send in for mounting as soon as possible.

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